Meet dhFit

dhFIT is a team of leading, experienced health & fitness professionals who place a focus upon continuing education and industry expertise. We service the downtown Chicago area and pride ourselves as its most professional mobile and convenient fitness business.

David Hardin, Founder & dhFIT Exercise Physiologist

David is a highly-respected fitness professional, beginning his career in 1999 but having spent his entire life in fitness and athletics. As a former DI collegiate athlete and two sport (baseball, football) pro-athlete he knows what it takes to obtain optimal fitness and the proper techniques to achieve it. David believes in the power of continuing education, staying current with new fitness techniques, and has the privilege of working alongside a network of mentors and colleagues among the top fitness minds in the world; including Sonie Lasker, Avi Nardia, Scott Sonnon, and Ken Hutchins to name a few. Combining his professional and personal experience David has developed a unique, refined, and top-notch physical fitness method: dhFIT.

"I believe fitness is the best form of preventative medicine, keeping the body strong builds the foundation for a lifetime of wellness, good health, and balance."


Your Fitness. Our Business. We take it personal.

We have spent years perfecting and establishing the dhFIT Method and are proud to provide our clients a cumulative, results-driven and long-term approach to their fitness goals. dhFIT takes the business of the fitness industry personally; testing every method on the market, constantly evolving and reassessing our clients personal goals and providing the best service for the most important aspect of our lives: physical health. "We care for our clients well being, take their health personally and strive to ensure their bodies are not just looking, but feeling their best."

David Hardin