The dhFit Method


The dhFIT method is a comprehensive approach to personal training; we emphasize working the entire body during each session, aim to speed metabolism, correct muscle imbalances and properly strengthen the core. Our complete program creates a strong foundation, healthy body transformation, and ultimately develops a balanced physical self — delivering lifetime results.

Method & Program Overview

Identify and Correct Muscle Imbalance & Weakness

A healthy body is a balanced body, and our program begins with identifying muscle imbalances and weaknesses. While correcting and preventing present & future imbalances (or injuries,) we are developing groundwork to build a solid physical foundation in order to further your fitness health. Muscle imbalances lead to pain and injury, and if left unrepaired can cause long-term physical damage. We have helped hundreds of clients completely get rid of pains and injuries, posture issues, headaches, and other negative effects that occur throughout the body. Each customized approach is targeted to client-specific needs and a result timeframe is exclusive to severity of imbalances.

Core Training & Personal Goal Achievement

Properly engaging the bodies core translates into more power, strength, agility, balance and complete fitness health. The ‘total body’ core training teaches the muscles throughout the body to work in a cohesive and fully-functional state. During this core training, the dhFIT Method simultaneously speeds up the metabolism, establishing higher caloric burns, and enhancing metabolic rate. Ultimately, this approach will result in the success and maintenance of your personalized fitness goals; whether that is weight loss, strengthening, toning and more.