Consultation & Assessment

dhFIT provides a complimentary consultation & assessment; one private appointment with dhFIT Staff to formally introduce ourselves and discuss your fitness needs/goals. The appointment lasts approximately one hour with the following goals:


We'll begin with a confidential discussion to determine your exercise and injury history and personal goals, based on this information we can describe, in detail, what dhFIT can do to help you reach your optimal fitness levels. We’ll answer any questions you may have and provide an honest, straightforward dhFIT Method approach to consider.


Following the confidential consultation we move to the gym, where we’ll conduct a very detailed physical examination. During this exam we will test your balance, flexibility, and strength. We also check your body for muscle imbalances, as this is an important component to our training method. Once the assessment is complete we will guide you through a sample workout to demonstrate the dhFIT Method in action.

Immediately following, dhFIT takes all the information gained from this comprehensive assessment and develops a specific program unique to you - so your fitness goals can be reached as quickly, effectively and safely as possible. We look forward to the possibility of introducing you to a a long-lasting and ultra healhy dhFIT lifestyle.

For more information or to schedule your appointment please call (312) 259-9690 or book online HERE.